Become FleetFox
in Tallinn

Maintain cars in the evening hours and
earn extra money.


Why FleetFox?

Earn good extra money between evening and morning hours for part-time or full-time work.

Great earning potential

Earn an hourly rate for the time spent on servicing and driving, plus bonuses.


Work full-time or part-time (minimum 3 days a week). We also work on weekends

Keep 100% of your earnings

Work car, training & equipment is provided by us. No fuel, permits or other hidden costs.

Kui palju ma teenin?

How much do I make?

Your payout level depends on your workload and how long you’ve been with us.

  • Hourly rate (servicing time)
  • Driving time fee (moving the cars)​
  • Bonuses (make more cars, pick more shifts, etc.)

How to become a FleetFox?

Apply today and you can start earning as early as tomorrow.

  • Fill out the application
  • We invite you to an information seminar
  • You go through training
  • Work together with an experienced FleetFox
  • You are ready to wash cars by yourself

Kuidas saada pesumeistriks?

We welcome both women and men who have:

  • B-category EU driver’s license with 2+ years of driving experience.
  • 20+ years of age.
  • A smartphone with Internet (for using the Worker app).
  • Communication level of English and/or local language (to communicate with the support team)

How the FleetFox app works?

Our app designed to help you manage your work easily and effectively.

  • Manage your orders
  • Plan your work shifts
  • Track your earnings


Frequent questions


FleetFoxes are independent contractors. You earn money for every working minute, including the time spent servicing cars and driving. If you choose more shifts than the minimum load or fill more orders than average, you will also earn bonuses. We make payouts once a month.

Length of shifts

You can choose your own shifts on a weekly basis. The maximum length of one shift is from 20:00 (8 PM) in the evening until 06:00 (6 AM) in the morning of the next day. You only have to service the minimum required number of cars (on avg. ~5h) and you can end your shift earlier.

Work load

You can pick your shifts yourself. The length of the shift depends on how many cars you want to make. FleetFoxes do a minimum of 3 shifts every week (between Mon-Sun).

Work car

You don’t need to use your personal car for work. You can use our customers’ vehicles to get around.

Job description

You can find all the information you need for work in your FleetFox mobile application. There you can also manage your work schedule, payouts, etc.

  • You can start your shift from close to your home.
  • You’ll get your equipment from our base.
  • You drive a customer’s car to our service-station.
  • Perform the ordered services.
  • Move to the next car.
  • Repeat until the end of your shift.

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