Become a
Cycling Fox!

Cycle from car to car using our electric cargo bike.
Wash cars on-the-spot.

Cycling Washer

Why become a Cycling Fox?

Earn for each wash

Earn an hourly rate for the time spent on servicing and cycling, plus bonuses.

Pick your own shifts

Work any day Mon-Sun. Minimum 5h per shift. Fits well as a side-job.

No driver’s licence required

Get some exercise driving our electric bike. Get training & tools from us.

How much do I make?

How much do I make?

Get paid for each task based on the minutes spent on cycling or washing.

  • Base rate (washing)
  • Cycling rate (moving between cars)
  • Bonuses (quality, more cars / shifts)
  • ZERO out-of-pocket costs (personal car, permits, etc).

How to become a FleetFox?

Apply today and you can start earning as early as tomorrow.

  • Complete the signup form.
  • Our team will verify your details.
  • Online tutorials & hands-on training.
  • Work with an experienced Fox.
  • Pick your shifts & you’re all set!

How to become a FleetFox?

 Join Our Team!

We welcome all passionate candidates, both male and female, who have:

  • 18+ years old.
  • Smartphone with internet.
  • English/local language skills.

How the FleetFox app works?

Our app designed to help you manage your work easily and effectively.

  • Manage your orders
  • Plan your work shifts
  • Track your earnings


Frequent questions

How & when do I get paid?

You get paid monthly. You earn for each Task you complete. Each task has a unique pay which is based on the time you spend on driving and servicing (washing). The more you do, the more you earn. Also, you get bonuses for good quality, and completing more shifts or tasks.

Do I get paid for waiting?

No waiting here! There’s always a car to wash. Finish one, start the next. Done for the day? End your shift.

How do I see my earnings?

Easy! Check your FleetFox app. It shows your earnings by wash, shift, and month. You can also manage your shifts there.

Do I need my own bike?

Nope! You’ll use our electric cargo bikes for cycling from car to car. In some Cities, we offer the option to even start with a car close to your home.

Can I work anytime I want?

Yes! You have full freedom to pick the shifts you want. We have day and night options. Just remember, once you pick a shift, you’re on for at least 5 hours.

How many orders will I get?

It varies by city and shift. But don’t worry, we ensure each Fox has at least 10 cars to wash each day.

Do you have support?

Of course! We have a 24/7 support team. Plus, we’ll train you on the best ways to wash cars.

Will I get a contract?

Yes. All Foxes operate as independent contractors, and have to sign a contract.

I have a driver’s licence.

Fantastic! In that case you’re welcome to work as Driving Fox as well! Feel free to do both if you want.

Can I work other jobs at the same time?

Absolutely! Foxes can plan their own hours, allowing for multiple jobs also.

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